About us

Nuts Arena is manufacturer and exporter of nuts, dried fruits and herbs from main land of fresh and healthy agricultural products with four season climate, Iran. As a team we are defined by an intrepid attitude that has allowed us to incorporate the latest technologies to all our processes, an innovative vision that allows us to be synonymous with quality, transparency, productivity and a commitment to Food safety rules and regulations and its makes our moto "carefully selected for you". We use high-tech machines such as Laser sorter, X-Ray and metal detectors to avoid any external material. Handpicked and pesticide free raw material helped to make our production line different from many traditional firms. As a leading company, Nuts Arena is the destination for fresh, wholesome, delicious and healthy nuts and dried fruits. By controlling quality from farm to packing, we are honored to offer our valued customers the best premium quality products. We perform mandated testing based on the country of destination in a laboratory that is confirmed by EU standard. International certification organizations frequently audit our supply chain and currently we are certified by ISO 9001, ISO22000, HACCP and HALAL standards.